Medical of Istanbul Medical History

Medical of Istanbul aims to provide quality, high standard service and unconditional patient satisfaction to its foreign patients with health tourism practices in line with its vision of being the leading health center of Turkey.

Who Are We?

Medical of istanbul Hair Transplantation & Dental & Aesthetic A+ Clinic in Istanbul an outstanding health institution that continues its rise in the health sector with its strong, professional, stable and distinctive academic staff. Qualified Staff of Doctors Feel like you are at Home Services 24x7 Emergency Service.

  • Qualified Staff of Doctors 
  • Feel like you are at Home Services 
  • 24×7 Emergency Services

Our Mission

We work for all people to lead a healthy life. Medical of Istanbul is a modern healthcare institution that adopts the satisfaction of patients and their relatives as a principle and provides quality service with its wide and stable academic staff who are experts in their field.

It acts with the responsibility of providing services to the society at international standards at every stage of diagnosis and treatment.

Each member of the MedicalofIstanbul team uses their professional experience to provide the correct diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible, as a requirement of this sense of duty and respect for ethical values.

Why Choose Us

Medical of Istanbul Hospital has been treating patients from all over the world with its experienced healthcare staff who have performed thousands of hair transplants, dental surgeries, rhinoplasty, abdominal liposuction procedures with high success rates for more than 25 years.

Medical of Istanbul has helped thousands of patients to turn a new page in their lives by restoring their natural, beautiful and youthful appearance.