What treatments should be done after hair transplantation?


What treatments should be done after hair transplantation?

Treatments after hair transplantation are important to encourage the healthy development of hair follicles and to support the healing process. Here are the recommended treatments after hair transplantation:
Medications: After hair transplantation, you should regularly use the medications recommended by your doctor. Usually antibiotics are given to reduce the risk of infection. In addition, drugs such as vitamins can be used to prevent or slow down hair loss. However, vitamins, sprays or certain shampoos can be recommended to make the hair look fuller in terms of better nutrition of the transplanted hair.

What treatments should be done after hair transplantation?
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Healing Period

Healing Period: After hair transplantation, there may be crusting and redness in the transplantation and harvesting area. Following your doctor’s instructions, you should not touch these areas too much and remove the crusts before the 10th day. Roots planted during the recovery period will be crusted and the crusts should be removed by making them softer with the lotion that your doctor will recommend to you on the 10th day.


Nutrition: An adequate and balanced diet is important for hair health. A diet rich in protein, vitamins and minerals supports the healthy growth of hair follicles.

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Hair Care:

Hair Care: You should be gentle to the hair transplant area. While washing your hair for the first 10 days, you should wash your hair as recommended by your doctor. After the crusts are removed, you can wash it by massaging it with your fingertips without nailing it.

PRP treatment

Prp and treatment: By supporting the treatment of the transplanted roots with the help of plasma, you can accelerate the hair growth process and ensure that the roots give better results.


Mesotherapy treatment

Mesotherapy is a combination of vitamins and helps in accelerating the development of hair follicles.

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However, like every medical procedure, hair transplantation is a serious decision and should be carefully evaluated. It is important for anyone considering hair transplantation to research the clinics they prefer, to check the references of doctors, and to understand the risks and consequences of the procedure. As a result, because the operation is an aesthetic operation and gives importance to the external appearance of the person, hair transplantation is performed.


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